The Foundation

The Dag Wirén Foundation has contributed to recordings of the music of Wirén and to the publication of books about him, and has also awarded stipends to people who in different ways contribute to and further the awareness of his music. In 2007 the foundation created the Dag Wirén Prize that persons or institutions can get as a reward for extra-ordinary work to promote or for the dissemination of Wirén’s music. 

Interested parties may send in applications to the Foundation for support of projects that help further the performance and knowledge of Wirén’s music both within Sweden and abroad. The Foundation does not primarily support tours or individual concerts, instead prioritizing other activities such as seminars, lectures, translations, promotional projects, or the publication in other languages of articles about Wirén’s music. 

The board consists of Roland Sandberg (chairman, Annika Wirén, Hans Enflo and Stefan Bojsten with Ann Marie Belfrage and Stefan Karpe as substitutes. The foundation is administered by  The Royal Swedish Academy of Music, Blasieholmstorg 8, SE-111 48 Stockholm, Sweden.

Questions and application can be sent directly to the chairman, Roland Sandberg: