Dag Wirén

Dag Wirén (1905-1986) – composer, pianist, and critic – was one of the renewers of Swedish 20th century music. His music is often characterized by an ascetic quality, and his influences include Carl Nielsen and Jean Sibelius as well as French 20th century modernism. 

Dag Wirén’s Serenade for String Orchestra is, along with Hugo Alfvén’s Midsommarvaka, one of the most often performed Swedish works internationally. 

A short film about the Swedish composer Dag Wirén

Annika Wirén, Dag Wirén’s daughter, speaks vividly and personally about her father’s life and work in a conversation with Per-Henning Olsson, a doctoral candidate in musicology. What’s more, Per-Henning Olsson gives an inspiring account of Wirén from a musicological perspective, with music from e.g. Serenade for Strings and String Quartet No. 4. We are also treated to a unique performance of Suite Miniature with Stefan Bojsten and Torleif Thedéen. The film is directed by prizewinning director Martin Lima de Faria and produced by S.T.O.P.Film for the Dag Wirén Foundation in March 2011. Enjoy!